Delivering Community Benefits

Hodgetts Estates is committed to bringing forward development that provides significant benefits to the local and wider community.  It is envisaged that the proposals will deliver the following:

Economic Benefits

The proposed development will create the following socio-economic benefits during construction:

  • 255 – 283 person years of temporary construction employment; this is the equivalent to around 26 to 28 FTE permanent jobs through the construction of the scheme;
  • £17.9 – £19.9 million GVA (gross value added) to the regional economy through construction employment, focused on North Warwickshire.

The proposed development will generate the following permanent socio-economic benefits:

  • Creation of up to 1,295 net additional permanent jobs;
  • GVA of up to £104.2 million annually in perpetuity to the West Midlands economy, focused on North Warwickshire.

Social Value Benefits

  • Opportunity to reinstate historic field boundaries within landscape mitigation measures;
  • New footpaths to provide links into established ‘Dordon Heritage Trail’;
  • Information boards on new footpaths to provide details of local heritage, including the local mining history and the now demolished Hall End Hall (which could be linked in with the existing ‘Dordon Heritage Trail’);
  • Incorporation of public art into the scheme in collaboration with the community and local artists. Public art might reflect the history of the area (A5 Roman Road, for instance) to capture and inspire the imagination of future generations;
  • Upgrade of nearby footpath and bridleway to tarmac covered 3m wide dual use pedestrian and cycle paths, providing access for disabled persons and meeting the standards of the Equalities Act 2010;
  • Additional crossing across the A5 adjacent to St Modwen Park, providing improved bicycle and pedestrian links between Freasley, St Modwen Park and Birch Coppice Business Park (south of the A5) with Birchmoor and Polesworth to the north;
  • Offsite upgrades to public rights of way network also improves bicycle and footway links between Birchmoor, Polesworth, and Dordon and the established employment centres at Junction 10 M42 motorway and Birch Coppice Business Park / Core 42 Business Park;
  • Fitness trail around site and linking into existing ‘trim trail’ at St Modwen Park and provision of hydraulic gym equipment that is free and accessible to the general public;
  • On-site training facilities in the Hub Office available for use by local training and education programmes associated with the site as well as site occupiers (e.g., meeting rooms, presentation rooms, and office space.

Community Fund

  • Hodgetts Estates is also intending to work with local partners to set up a dedicated Community Fund to provide funding towards local programmes, initiatives, infrastructure and community asset improvements during construction and operation of the site.  Representatives from affected communities including Parish Councillors, Ward Councillors, other community groups and local education establishments in North Warwickshire would be invited to apply for funding and also provide representatives to sit on a Community Fund Panel which would assess applications for funding.
  • Whilst the Community Fund is not a statutory requirement of the planning system, Hodgetts Estates is making this social value commitment so that local communities close to the development can benefit more widely from the proposals.  Similar community funds have been successfully delivered for strategic employment sites elsewhere in the Midlands. 
  • We would be very interested to hear of any projects where funding from the Community Fund would be beneficial.

Environmental Benefits

  • Creation of new pedestrian and cycle links throughout the site and surrounding area for members of the public, reducing the reliance on motor vehicles;
  • Approximately 10,000 trees to be planted in on and offsite locations;
  • Over 15.5 hectares (38 acres) of landscaping both on and offsite;
  • Significant biodiversity net gains including the creation of over 9 hectares of new habitats including native woodlands, native shrublands, mixed hedgerows, wildflower meadows, wetland wildflower meadows, ornamental planting and amenity grassland;
  • Biodiversity net gains of +30% for habitats and +158% for linear features – far in excess of the 10% policy requirement;
  • Ecological enhancements including:
    • Bird and bat boxes to promote roosting;
    • ‘Insect hotels’ to provide refuge in suitable locations throughout the substantial area of natural open space;
    • Bee hives for wild bees, placed close to wildflower meadow and wetland wildflower meadow habitats;
    • Refugia/hibernacula for invertebrates, small mammals, reptiles, and amphibians;
    • Maintenance of ‘dark corridors’ through the site for foraging bats;
    • Creation of new wildlife corridors through provision of native woodland planting to the north and east of the site; and
    • Wildlife information boards tying in with the proposed fitness train surrounding the site and seating/relaxing areas, as part of amenity enhancements.